Home Use Fitness

Accell Fitness is a key player in the rapid developing worldwide market for fitness equipment and wellness. As the proud owner of well known brands such as Tunturi®, Bremshey Sport® and MFT Accell Fitness has the ambition to serve a broad number of segments in the market, from consumers, professional users and ‘in company’ use. Our brands stand, each with their own unique perspective, for continuous innovation, attractive design, top quality and a reliable service.


Strong local presence

It is our challenge that local specialized retail partners and resellers can fully concentrate on their key activity: serving their customers’ needs. Accell Fitness supports its partners from subsidiaries in North America, the UK, Benelux, Germany, Finland and Sweden and through a worldwide network of selected distributors. Overall, Accell Fitness is responsible for strategy, business development and the coordination of marketing, product and service development, production planning, purchasing and in- and outsourcing. Accell Fitness is located in Almere (close to Amsterdam, Holland) and is a modern, fast growing company. Accell Group: power in branding and distribution

Accell Fitness is a member of the Dutch Accell Group, a strong and listed international group of companies, active in the development and marketing of innovative high-quality bicycles, accessories and fitness equipment. Accell Fitness benefits from the synergy in this group, a trendsetter in the development and sales of durable consumer goods relating to short-distance mobility, fitness and active recreation. The Accell Group brands have a clear and recognizable added value for consumers, bringing the companies strong positions in the mid and upper segments of the market. The shares of Accell Group are traded on the official market of Euronext Amsterdam.


Accell Fitness wants to be a trendsetter in the worldwide market for home-use fitness equipment and wellness. In line with sustainable international trends, to be summarized as ‘a healthier lifestyle and more exercise’, Accell Fitness believes that strong brands and the creation of innovative and distinctive products and services that appeal to consumers, are the key success elements. The design and development of the products, coordinated from the headquarters in Almere, Holland, is in the hands of teams where our major brands Tunturi® and Bremshey Sport® originate, respectively in Finland and in Germany.


Specialized retail partners

To sell relative new and distinctive products and services to consumers, Accell Fitness believes that a close cooperation with the specialized retail partners and the distributors continues to be crucial. We see that the role of internet as a sales channel grows in many markets. However, the specialized retail sector will continue to play a definitive role in selling high-quality products, which require advice, an explanation of the added value and a well-organized after-sales service. Accell Fitness supports its retail partners with product training, an extensive line of promotional items and regular visits of our sales team.


Close to the market

To ensure continued consumer preference, Accell Fitness wants to be present in strong markets, which often have a regional and national tradition. Our retail partners are supported by Accell Fitness subsidiaries in:
- U.S.A.
- Canada
- United Kingdom
- Benelux
- Germany
- Finland
- Sweden

These subsidiaries bring ‘full service’ to retail partners and consumers, including service and maintenance. Accell Fitness is also present in more than 30 countries worldwide. These countries are served through our network of selected distributors.


Home Use

The core of Accell Fitness and the history of its brands Tunturi® and Bremshey Sport® is home fitness. Through the years and thanks to continuous product development, the brands cover the mid and upper segments of the consumer market. And there is more. Tunturi® proved to be also attractive for professional users, such as physiotherapists and gyms, an opportunity for Accell Fitness to expand the market.


Business & Professionals

The unit Business & Professionals is responsible for the ‘business-to-business’ market of Accell Fitness. In this part of the market, the demand of the customers differs from the consumer market. Reliability and profit are important requests, and Accell Fitness offers this specific market a complete package of services, including (preventive) maintenance, leasing and financing, trade-in, installation and instruction. The development and execution of professional services is relatively new in this industry and Accell Fitness believes that this broad range of services will also have a positive impact on serving the consumer markets.