Fitness is good for your health, this is a fact we cannot afford to ignore, but the pressure of work and other obligations leave us little time to do anything about it. So what could be better than working on your health at home in familiar and safe surroundings? Pleasurable training increases the motivation to keep going. Relaxation through exertion!

The Bremshey family business began in Solingen, Germany, and has a rich history that goes back more than 40 years. You can still be sure to find that traditional German dependability in Bremshey Sport products. The Bremshey Sport® brand stands for functionality, easyto-use technology and the use of top-quality materials. This means you don’t need to understand complicated technology or be an experienced fitness fanatic to use Bremshey Sport fitness equipment. The team of designers work to one golden rule: to develop simple-to-operate and user-friendly fitness equipment that is functional and practical. Often, all those complicated extras offered by other brands simply increase the price. But what use are hundreds of programmes if you only want to use a few? Why complicate matters when they could be so simple? With Bremshey Sport fitness equipment you can get started straight away.