Crosstrainers - Workout all muscle groups with a versatile training
Cross front driven:
Training with a front driven crosstrainer (19”) is always comfortable, while it puts minimal stress on the knees and ensur es efficient training. It is versatile, no matter if the goal is to lose weight, improve condition, or to train a specific muscle group.

Cross rear driven:
Working out on the compact and practical rear driven crosstrainer (16”) is both varied and comfortable due to the elliptical movement. A challenging training is ensured on a Bremshey Sport rear driven crosstrainer!

Run - The natural way to a perfect stamina
Burn calories and improve your condition, or train for the New York marathon. With your reliable training partner Bremshey Sport Run, you can enjoy a healthy dose of hard work that is both pleasant and challenging, no matter your training level

Bike - Easy and convenient for all ages and training levels
Exercise bikes were the first type of fitness equipment developed for home use. They are still very popular to this day. Being ergometers, the Bremshey bikes (excluding the BF3) offer the most accurate measurement of calories and improvement of your condition. They combine ease-of-use with many training options to reach your various goals, from burning fat to rebuilding your condition with high level training programs. Our exercise bikes are ideal for everyone regardless of age, weight or training level.

Recumbent - The ultimate comfort for the improvement of your health
Probably the most comfortable training machine: the Bremshey Sport Recumbent. Using a recumbent bike offers you an ideal combination of highly efficient training and optimal comfort.

According to experts, rowing is the most intensive en effective workout. It is a very efficient exercise because all the major muscle groups are put to use. Equipped with a user-friendly console and simple to operate functions, the Bremshey Sport Row is a complete and practical trainer.

The Bremshey Sport Sprint offers a workout that is great for strengthening your heart, increasing lung capacity and improving circulation, while keeping your muscles toned. A practical racing bike for indoor use!

Vibration training is mainly focused on muscle training. It makes use of muscle reflexes and tenses a bigger part of the muscle fibers than with regular power training. This makes it a highly effective way to strengthen your muscles.