Reaching for the top? Welcome to a training session with the BE7. With all the safety and comfort you need and want, including a build in fatand Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator. This ‘self generating bike’ with the special generator (servo adjusted brake) gives you extra energy while saving energy!

Unique features


Silent, economical and independent. The new self generating concept in the bike line gives you the freedom to place the bike anywhere in your home and guarantees the needed power supply with every pedal turn you make. Your small contribution to a green planet!

Easy access, no barriers. Enjoy the lowest instep on the market on all the Bremshey bikes. Step in, step on and train. Staying motivated is that easy!

The easiest way of using the monitor! Flashing backlights run you through the various features and programs, and only the buttons useful at that moment will light up and be your advisor.

Technical specifications