The brand new line of Bremshey is developed with the green-planet-ideology in mind. Various
    models are generating the needed energy independently from the power supply. The user truly 
                 is the motor and generates the energy for the product while training. With built-in batteries, all
                 generated energy will be saved. This means that you can even check the console after a
                 workout and see your training results.

    Feeling comfortable is one of the top requirements for every fitness equipment user. It is as
    important as the result of working out: it gives a good feeling during workout and when 
                 achieving a training goal. All equipment is designed to guaranty easy access, as well as a
                 comfortable and ergonomic body position.

    Smart technology will help you to focus on your workout. Smart features that makes it more
    easy to use the Bremshey equipment, and features that supports your work out.